February 28, 2017

Embrace the Arts

Life at The Strand means that there are always events nearby that celebrate the arts and culture surrounding Marin. Check your calendar and enjoy some of these upcoming events nearby.

Experience all your favorite musicals in one night at the “Best of Broadway Under The Stars.” An evening of over twenty performers covering classics from Mamma Mia to Mary Poppins, this traveling performance is produced and performed in San Rafael by the Trascendence Theatre Company.

Just a ferry ride from the city, spend an afternoon admiring “Monet: The Early Years,” a special collection of Claude Monet’s paintings at The Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. See sixty paintings from the renowned impressionists formative years and take in the color and brushstrokes of his work.

Indulge in a night at the symphony with “Masterworks 3 – Songs of Destiny” featuring

acclaimed composer Edward Elgar. From Pomp and Circumstance to a breathtaking choir,

embrace the arts right in your backyard.